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Responses from previous screenings of Life Fine Tuned:

  • A rare, wonderful reminder of what really matters in life.
  • You all have captured the beauty and lifestyle of Rappahannock County.
  • It was fabulously touching and brought tears to my eyes more than once.
  • A fast hour and a half of entertainment.
  • Great film for anyone who loves music and stories about personal redemption.
  • You put together an amazing production that was entertaining and held my interest throughout. Well done!
  • What have I learned about the crew of LFT? That they are professional, talented, and committed to producing a first-class movie that will entertain audiences and raise high the values that have made America the most exceptional nation in modern history. I had the good fortune to be in a Hollywood feature film some 50 years ago while living in Paris. The LFT crew compares very well with the crew that produced "Paris Holiday." Lee Edwards
  • I loved the barn dance scene where everyone was walking and dancing. It had a wonderful small town feel of country living

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